The Supply Chain Summit

December 4th, Toronto

The Supply Chain Summit

December 4th, Toronto

About the Event

Welcome to The Supply Chain Summit 2024

Join us for an immersive experience at The Supply Chain Summit, taking place on December 4th in the vibrant city of Toronto. This premier event brings together industry leaders, innovators, and professionals from across the supply chain spectrum to explore the latest trends, challenges, and solutions shaping the future of global logistics.

Why Attend?

  • Unparalleled Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, experts, and thought leaders from leading organizations in the supply chain ecosystem. Forge valuable connections, exchange insights, and build relationships that can drive future collaborations and opportunities.

  • Cutting-Edge Content: Gain valuable insights from keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive workshops led by industry experts. Stay ahead of the curve with in-depth discussions on emerging technologies, best practices, and strategies to optimize your supply chain operations.

  • Industry Trends and Innovations: Explore the latest trends, innovations, and disruptions reshaping the supply chain landscape. From blockchain and AI to sustainability and resilience, dive deep into the forces driving change and discover how to adapt and thrive in an evolving environment.

  •  Practical Solutions and Case Studies:Learn from real-world case studies and practical examples of successful supply chain transformations. Gain actionable insights and best practices that you can apply to your own organization to drive efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance performance.

  • Professional Development: Invest in your professional growth and development with access to valuable resources, certifications, and educational opportunities. Stay updated on industry standards, regulations, and certifications to advance your career and stay competitive in the ever-evolving supply chain landscape.

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Camille Batiste ADM

Lyndsay Barnes Mars Canada

Huzefa Boxwala Henkel

Jack Ampuja Supply Chain Optimizers & E-Commerce Optimizers

Lisa Fenton Propelled by Possibility

Cassie Crossley Schneider Electric


Sustainable Supply Chains: Strategies for Environmental Responsibility
- Implementing green procurement practices
- Reducing carbon footprint through efficient transportation and packaging
- Incorporating renewable energy sources into supply chain operations
- Promoting circular economy principles to minimize waste
Lyndsay Barnes,  Vice President of Supply Chain at Mars

Vendor Management and Supplier Relationship Strategies
- Developing strategic partnerships with key suppliers for mutual benefit
- Establishing effective communication channels and performance metrics with vendors
- Managing supplier risk and ensuring compliance with ethical standards
- Collaborating with suppliers to drive innovation and product quality improvements
Camille Batiste, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain and Procurement, ADM

Supply Chain Optimization and Lean Practices
- Applying lean principles to eliminate waste and improve efficiency in supply chain operations
- Optimizing inventory management through just-in-time (JIT) and kanban systems
- Streamlining logistics and transportation processes to reduce lead times and costs
- Continuous improvement methodologies for enhancing supply chain performance
Huzefa Boxwala, Head of Supply Chain Innovation, Henkel

Missed Opportunities in Ecommerce
Businesses selling via ecommerce often struggle with logistics costs due to the high expense of small shipments. There are technology tools used by many large shippers that provide an advantage, yet most of these solutions are relatively inexpensive or quickly pay for themselves, making them a worthwhile investment. This presentation will cover the benefits of tools such as network optimization, warehouse layout, and computer-aided box selection. Additionally, it will include numerous real-world examples of how shippers have leveraged these tools for cost advantages.
Jack Ampuja, President, Supply Chain Optimizers & E-Commerce Optimizers

Strengthening Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience in Modern Supply Chains
In an era where digital threats are ever-evolving, the need for robust cybersecurity and cyber resilience in supply chains has never been more critical. This session will explore strategies to safeguard sensitive information and systems from cyber-attacks, while also emphasizing the importance of building a resilient supply chain capable of anticipating, withstanding, and recovering from such incidents. Cassie will share insights on the latest cybersecurity measures, best practices for risk mitigation, and real-world examples of how to maintain operational continuity and stakeholder trust amidst cyber threats. 
Cassie Crossley, VP, Supply Chain Security, Cybersecurity & Product Security Office, Schneider Electric

Cross-border Logistics and Trade Agreements in North America.
This session will cover navigating customs regulations and trade agreements for cross-border shipments, understanding the impact of trade policies on supply chain operations in North America, optimizing transportation routes and logistics networks for international trade, and strategies for minimizing border delays and customs clearance issues.
Lisa Fenton, Founder, Propelled by Possibility

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Pre-register and SAVE 15%

Pre-register now to secure your spot at The Supply Chain Summit and SAVE 15% off the super early-bird price of C$759. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to gain valuable insights, network with industry peers, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

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