How to Successfully Manage Virtual Teams During The COVID-19 Pandemic

April 21 @ 12pm (CET)

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How to Successfully Manage Virtual Teams During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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April 21 @ 12pm (CET)

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When: April 21st @ 12pm (CET)

As businesses around the world cancel in-person meetings in response to the COVID-19, virtual ways of working are emerging as an alternative, because businesses can’t afford to put team working on hold. In theory, virtual working sounds easy, but it can only be successful if crucial fundamental principles are adopted by the team. Many teams become dysfunctional and fail to achieve expectations and goals because of unclear purpose, leadership failures, insufficient processes regarding roles and responsibilities, lack of a code of conduct, and risks associated with geographical and cultural barriers.

In this hour and a half long webinar, Rob Veersma, Director of Training and Development at Gazprom International in the Netherlands, will address the main challenges of virtual team working and will provide you with some key tips to successfully manage your remote teams. 

About Your Webinar Leader:

Rob Veersma, the moderator of this session is one of the grounding fathers of Shell T3- program (Team, Task, Technology) which was developed to enhance virtual teams to improve their competence in working effectively and efficiently in virtual mode. 
“The biggest mistake is to treat a virtual team in the same way as a co-located team”. 
Rob J.H. Veersma MSC is currently the Director of Training & Development at Gazprom International in Amsterdam, Netherlands. He is responsible for implementing training programs for Gazprom International, aligned with the competence management system and tailored to local needs. He creates integrated accelerated learning experiences for the assigned population and integrates learning into the community. He applies organizational effectiveness experiences to enable business performance improvement. 

Rob has more than 25 years of experience working as a virtual leader with virtual teams.

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12.00-13.15 Organizing Successful Virtual Team Working During The COVID-19
Over the last weeks, we have witnessed an enormous emphasis on using the right tools and technologies, but we tend to forget how to work as a team, and which behaviors and protocols are needed to be clearly communicated to create a successful team and productive workflow. The selection of the most appropriate set of tools should only be addressed when all of these factors have been addressed.
In this webinar Rob Veersma will address the benefits and risks of Virtual Team Working, using the Shell T3- approach (Team, Task, Technology) to provide proven and practical guidelines.


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