Global PR Summit New York 4

10 - 11 June 2021 (10 am - 4 pm EDT)

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Global PR Summit New York 4

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10 - 11 June 2021 (10 am - 4 pm EDT)

About the Event

Welcome to the fourth (and first Virtual) edition of the Global PR Summit New York!

Featuring presentations by some of the world's leading PR professionals, attending the Global PR Summit New York 4, will help you adapt your PR strategy and understand the most important PR trends that will gain traction post-COVID.

Why register?

  • Hear how your colleagues from North America, Europe and the Middle East are adapting their PR strategies for a post-COVID world.
  • Create a realistic and in touch "with what's going on in the world right now" communications strategy
  • Adopt a "diversity first" practice in your organization. 
  • Power your crisis communications plan for a post-COVID age.
  • Identify the most important principles for PR measurement and evaluation in 2021 and beyond.
  • See how technology is driving change in the PR industry.
  • Reinvent your comms team to keep up with the evolving PR skill set.
  • Explore how to build a resilient communications team and break down barriers between departments.
  • See what content and campaigns still apply to your audience — and which need to be put on the back burner until the dust settles.

Register before May 7th and SAVE US$200 off the final ticket price!

Facts & Figures

  • The first ever edition of the Global PR Summit was held in Belgrade, Serbia in 2011. Since then, the event has been hosted in 24 countries, including Canada, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Malta, Bulgaria, Qatar, Bahran & South Korea.
  • Over 1500 PR professionals have attended the past three editions of the Global PR Summit New York. Delegates include senior PR and communications professionals from:Drake Hotel Properties, Newsmeter Inc., Pinnacle Global Partners, The Minto Group, Carleton University, Lloyd Group, Hawkins International PR, BrandMasters, Edelman, Prudential Financial, Netherlands Board of Tourism, Ally, New York Institute of Technology, Tyson Foods, Inc, Google Ventures, L'Oreal Canada, University at Albany, Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation, Zignallabs, Weber Shandwick, New York University, Muck Rack, Northwell Health, Palm Beach Public Relations, Ogilvy, The PR Hive, Syngenta, Campari Group, Empire State Realty Trust, Provident Bank, Baruch College, MSNBC, Wiztopic, Human Rights Watch, Aston Martin, the Hershey Company, KFC...

  • When we say global we mean global - speakers from the US, Canada, Europe and the Middle East are presenting at the Global PR Summit New York 4


Alex Malouf Schneider Electric

Donald Steel Former Chief Communications Advisor, BBC

Bjorn Trowery Meta

Martin Riecken TUI Group

Judith Harrison Weber Shandwick

Stacey Jones Accenture

Nicole Moreo Ketchum

Katie Creaser ICR

Ginger Buxa Plumbo Mayo Clinic

Colleen Marshall Delaney Massachusetts General Hospital

Andy Fuller University of Notre Dame

Matt Nordby National Association of Stock Car Racing (NASCAR)

Cliff Angelo Accenture

Jennifer Knoeppel National Association of Stock Car Racing (NASCAR)

Margenett Moore-Roberts IPG DXTRA

Mike Forde National Association of Stock Car Racing (NASCAR)



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in PR: Assessing the Present, Planning the Future
The racial reckoning taking place in America has ignited new urgency around one of the most important issues facing the PR industry and the stakeholders we serve: diversity, equity and inclusion. Unlike every other aspect of public relations, diverse representation is changing at a glacial pace. Twenty-five years ago, the U.S. population was more than 80% white. The PR industry still is. Meanwhile, the U.S. BIPOC population has increased to 40% and is poised to become the majority as early as 2041. The demographic disconnect between the industry and the population we serve has never been as stark, nor the need for significant progress as critical.
In this session, Judith Harrison will share with you the steps the industry is taking to become more representative of the world around us, along with some steps your organization can take to create a more equitable, inclusive culture in which people from all backgrounds can thrive.
Judith Harrison, Executive Vice President, Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Weber Shandwick


Leveraging the Power of DEI to Unlock Vital Impact on People, Business and Society 
Margenett is the Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer for IPG DXTRA and leads the Office of Business Relevance, Inclusion and Equity. Her mission: enable and empower IPG DXTRA’s 27 best-in-class agencies use the power of DEI to unlock vital impact on people, business, and society. 
In this session Margenett will share her views on inclusive leadership and on assessing, deconstructing, and reconstructing our workplace cultures in support of experience and opportunity parity for all employees. And she will provide her take on the essential role the marketing and communications industries can play in making our diverse society more inclusive and equitable. 
Margenett Moore-Roberts, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, IPG DXTRA


COVID Communications:  It’s a Long Way from Crisis to Business as Usual
Navigating COVID communications has absorbed teams everywhere.  No matter the size of your organization, one thing has remained constant: your colleagues have needed answers to all their work-related issues.  The Accenture corporate communications team had to quickly figure out how to respond to – and anticipate – questions about everything from whether the company’s more than 120 offices around the world were open to whether its 537,000 people will enter the future of work.  You’ll hear about how this global communications team navigated these uncharted waters, creating a 24/7 operation across 50+ countries that has generated 5,000-plus individual communications. 
Stacey Jones, Senior Managing Director, Head of Global Corporate Communications at Accenture
Cliff Angelo, Managing Director, Corporate Communications at Accenture


Lunch Break


Adapting in a Very Dynamic Enviorenment: How NASCAR Returned to Racing in a COVID World

NASCAR was the first major sport in the United States to return to competition following the shutdown caused by COVID. In order to do that, the sport had to completely change everything to execute events safely. In this session, you’ll hear how the sanctioning body’s communications team was able to adapt in a very dynamic environment to clearly communicate NASCAR’s processes and protocols with the industry and the media, as well as continue to promote the sport when in-person interaction was no longer an option.
Matt Nordby, Senior Director, Track Communications, National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR)
Mike Forde, Managing Director, Racing Communications, National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR)
Jennifer Knoeppel – Sr. Director, Team & Driver Communications, National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR)


How to Power Your Crisis Communications Plan For a Post-Covid Age
Massachusetts General Hospital is the largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, the third oldest general hospital in the United States and has a capacity of 999 beds.
In this session Colleen will share with you how Mass General adapted it crisis communications strategy in the face of COVID-19 and how the organization optimized its communications program in preparation for what lies ahead.
Colleen Marashal Delaney, Director of Internal Communication, Publications and Operations, Massachusetts General Hospital


Lessons Learned from Crisis Communications in Tourism and Aviation – What It Takes to Run a Crisis Comms Team
Drawing from his experience with 9/11, the SARS crisis of 2004, the ash cloud crisis in 2009, the Germanwings 4U9525 accident and now the COVID-19 crisis, in this session Martin will share with you what it takes to meet the expectations of your stakeholders in a crisis and thus how to turn  crisis into opportunity. 
Martin Riecken, Head of Corporate Communications, TUI Group


End of Day One


Keeping Control of Your Narrative

The management of communications is more challenging than it has ever been.  Social media and the camera phone drive the narrative in a crisis at lightning speed.  Even the best rehearsed and resourced organizations can find themselves on the back foot when a crisis happens.
Recent crisis round the world have demonstrated that a failure in crisis communications is never down to a rarified and complex technical cause.  Failure is almost always a result of failing to follow the basic rules - telling the truth, communicating quickly, staying victim focussed or speaking with one voice.
How can we ensure this will never happen in our own organization?   It is not what happens to your organization that will define your reputation.  It is how you deal with it.
In this interactive session with Donald Steel, we drill down to focus on how your organisation can retain control of the narrative through the use of social media and through enhancing capability to undertake aggressive media interviews. 

Donald Steel, International Crisis Communications Expert & Former Chief Communications Adviser at BBC


Communications and Sustainability In a Post-COVID World
This session will explore how corporate communications and PR can support your organizations SDGs initiatives, how to communicate on sustainability with stakeholders and lessons learned from some of the most successful sustainability campaigns globally.
Alex Malouf, Corporate Communications Director MEA, Schneider Electric


Virtual Media Briefings: The Press Conference is Reborn
Besieged with media requests regarding COVID-19, the surge, and vaccines, the Mayo Clinic media relations team began offering virtual media briefings several times per week starting in September. These briefings quickly became an effective and efficient way of using experts’ time and satisfying numerous media requests simultaneously. In the age of COVID-19, the press conference was reborn.
In this session, Mayo Clinic will share their learnings and tips to make virtual media briefings successful as well as metrics and results.
Ginger Buxa Plumbo, Communications Manager for Issues & Crisis Communications, Mayo Clinic


Lunch Break


When it Comes to Measurement, Context is a King
For analytics professionals, there are few things more discouraging than the widespread addiction to quick, shallow metrics in the place of meaningful analysis. Whether it’s due to budget, limited understanding or limited space in a larger report, numbers like share of voice, impressions and percent increase in mentions have become the key performance indicators (KPIs) most in demand. Unfortunately, these stats aren’t actually KPIs—their value is a myth. Without context and meaning, they’re simply meaningless vanity metrics embedded in pretty charts.
In this session, Nicole will help you understand how to provide context and meaning when measuring the impact of a communications campaign-  a combination of three things: audience, category and—now more than ever—culture.
Nicole Moreo, Senior Vice President, Ketchum Analytics


How AI is Changing the World of Public Relations: Where We Are and Where Are We Headed 
The number of AI tools available for PR professionals is growing rapidly. In this interactive session, Katie and Ben will share with you how you can use AI to manage your organization’s reputation, enhance your organization’s online presence and strengthen media and community relations.
Katie Creaser, Vice President, ICR

14.00  Short Break

Real Time PR: What Works, What Doesn’t 
Drawing from his experience at Heineken and Facebook, in this interactive session, Bjorn will share with you how to have your ear to the ground and catch trends as they happen, use creative resources to act on current trends, choose the right timing and activate your brand ambassadors and create the right multichannel approach for a maximum impact of your real-time PR efforts. 
Bjown Trowery, Consumer Communications & Brand PR, Facebook


Why Storytelling Matters Now More than Ever
- Adapting your content strategy to the new reality
- Breaking apart content across multiple platforms
- Strategizing a content launch
Andy Fuller, Director of Strategic Content, University of Notre Dame


End of Summit

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