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We are living in times of constant crisis!

COVID-19, fake news, cyber-crime, political and societal turmoil have completely changed the world of crisis communications.

Drawing back from our global experience with our Crisis Communications Boot Camps and Global PR Summits, our tailor made, in-house crisis communications trainings and workshops offer you the unique opportunity to explore creative solutions to some of the most important challenges in crisis and reputation management, pop the bubble you may find yourself in and connect with communications professionals whose work is changing the global crisis communications world.

Our PR experts and trainers have created crisis communications and reputation management strategies for Presidents, Royal Families and the world’s most reputable organizations. Throughout the years they have also successfully managed some of the biggest corporate crisis in modern history.

Through lively discussions, group work and exclusive one-to-one sessions, they will help you reframe your crisis communications strategy for the new reality, take your professional skills to the next level and strengthen the position of PR and communications in your esteemed organization.


  • Issues, crisis and reputation management planning, preparedness and response
  • Crisis media training
  • Media training
  • Presentation training
  • Tabletop and other crisis preparedness simulations
  • Crisis communications strategy and execution
  • Reputation management and recovery
  • Cybersecurity issues and threats
  • Disaster preparedness and recovery
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement
  • Communications planning – strategies and tactics
  • Storytelling, message and communications material development
  • Designing an all-platform measurement program 
  • Crisis measurement
  • Internal communications measurement
  • Building integrated measurement programs and dashboards
  • Personal branding
  • Reputation management for CEOs
  • Engaging hard-to-reach groups
  • Diversity and inclusion policies
  • Working with police/law enforcement
  • A victim-focused approach to comms
  • Decision making under pressure
  • Facing Cancel Culture: Moving Towards Accountability
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Weaponization of social media
  • Government Relations 101
  • Large scale events management
  • Crisis management for large scale events
  • Crisis communications planning
  • The importance of leadership in times of crisis 

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Shafiq Jamal

Katie D. Paine

Patrick Jephson

Mary Jo Jacobi

Amanda Coleman

Kathryn Kolaczek

Sietse Bakker

Nancy Seideman

Donald Steel