10 Tips from the Virtual AI in PR Summit

June 05, 2024

Last Friday, 200 PR professionals from Canada, the USA, and Europe gathered for the virtual AI in PR Summit. The event featured insightful presentations from industry leaders on how AI is revolutionizing public relations. Here are ten practical tips we learned from the summit:

1. Enhance Creativity with AI

Alexia Adana, U.S. Director of Creative Technology at Edelman, emphasized using AI to strengthen your creative process. Leverage AI's ability to generate insights, refine ideas, and visualize possibilities to measure impact, grow budgets, and build trust while maintaining a human-centered approach.

2. Supercharge Your Content Strategy

Nicole Wise from Yale School of Medicine discussed integrating AI tools like natural language processing (NLP), generative AI, and predictive AI to translate data into engaging content. Ensure human oversight and ethical considerations to maintain quality and integrity.

3. Leverage Advanced Data Analysis

Lisa Covens, Senior Vice President at Leger, along with Aksel Bedikyan, Vice President of Analytics, highlighted using advanced data analysis and generative AI to optimize messaging and understand your audience better. Techniques like MaxDiff and TURF analysis can help create more effective content strategies.

4. Adapt to AI-Driven Journalism

Chris Gee discussed the rise of AI-driven reporting by outlets like The Washington Post and Sports Illustrated. Prepare by learning how to pitch to algorithms and AI editors, understanding how AI systems select and prioritize stories.

5. Optimize for AI-SEO

Chris Gee also highlighted the transition from traditional SEO to AI-SEO. Optimize content for AI-driven search engines to manage digital reputation in an AI-dominated search landscape.

6. Balance AI with Human Creativity

Both Alexia Adana and Chris Gee stressed the importance of combining AI tools with human intuition and creativity. While AI can handle routine tasks, human oversight ensures creativity and addresses ethical considerations.

7. Address Ethical and Governance Challenges

Several speakers, including Alexia Adana, addressed ethical and governance challenges in AI. Be transparent about AI use in your PR processes, tackle issues like bias in AI models, and push for a legal framework around AI usage to maintain trust.

8. Use Predictive AI for Proactive Decision-Making

Angela Dwyer, Head of Insights at Fullintel, showcased how predictive AI helps identify emerging trends and potential crises before they fully develop. Implement predictive AI to allow for proactive responses and smarter business decisions.

9. Create Trending Content

Angela Dwyer also discussed how predictive AI can amplify opportunities by identifying high-trend potential topics and newsjacking moments. Focus on timing, content type, and audience engagement to create impactful and shareable content.

10. Integrate Human Oversight in AI Processes

Always ensure human review and fact-checking of AI-generated content to maintain accuracy and consistency with your brand values. This blend of AI efficiency and human oversight is key to successful PR campaigns.

Take Your AI Skills to the Next Level

If you are looking to take your AI skills to the next level, join us at the AI in PR Boot Camp from October 17-18 in Chicago. This event will provide hands-on training and expert insights to help you master AI in public relations. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of PR.