10 Marketing Tips That Actually Work!

October 31, 2016

What does really work in today’s marketing world?

This is the question I recently asked some of my marketing friends. Their answers were mind blowing and most importantly, practical! Enjoy! 

1. Tell authentic stories that play on people’s emotions
The time has come to really get to know your customer. Forget– even if it is just for a minute – what your brand seeks to communicate to the rest of the world. Focus instead on what it is your customer needs or seeks to experience. How can your brand do something that is meaningful, authentic and leaves a lasting impact on the customer? This might mean that the story you should tell, is not directly related to your brand and the product it sells. And that is OK, as long as it remains relevant. (Darre Van Dijk, TBWA Amsterdam)

2. Don’t choose two of these three anymore “Fast, Cheap or Good Research”, you should always ask for the three. (Mohamed ElSharkawy, Unilever)

3. Think and act mobile -  Consumers are spending a significant amount of their day on mobile in mobile apps.  This makes it a great place to attract attention, deliver a relevant message and to drive business results. (Ian Manning, Facebook)

4. B2B social media is less about impressions, likes or retweets. It’s about prospects engagement, reasons for sales to engage in conversations with prospects and leads nurturing. That’s the type of ROI that defines your B2B social strategy. (Kelvin Lee, Reuters)

5. Multitasking is a myth, Focus is king/queen(Maksimilian Kallhed, The Pop Up Agency)

6. Drop the Jargon - not cool anymore. (Khaled Ismail, Tetra Pak)

7. Video is not an option - it’s a must. Tomorrow’s main communication on line will be video - in all forms and shapes. And for all functions. (Magnus Zaar, Think Agency)

8. Don’t underestimate the importance of email and search. It’s easy to focus on new media opportunities like social and mobile, but don’t forget the continued importance of reaching people in their email inboxes, and being easy to find online. These are two consistently key ways to connect with your stakeholders and potential customers, and make sure to invest efforts into developing those strategies and channels as much as you do your new media channels. (Katie Morse, Nielsen)

9. Keep it simple: do one job and do it well, don’t try to do too many things at once as that will confuse your consumer and dilute your message. (Tim McLoughlin, Saatchi and Saatchi)

10. Kill boring! One way to compete with the daily information stimuli’s that consumers deal with is to avoid communicating too corporate and strained. Dig into topics that appeal to your target market, whether it is House of Cards on Netflix or watching cat videos on YouTube. Moreover, step away from the conventions in your branch and dare to tell your story differently. (Darre Van Dijk, TBWA Amsterdam)


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